You can alter your reality by becoming an Alchemist, a Creator of your own reality. 

Learn techniques that alters the personal  challenges into a refined version of Yourself.

It is like turning metal into gold.












Increased Vitality

Activating your Pranic Body will release blocked tensions. Kundalini helps to reconstruct the entire nervous system that supports your electromagnetic radiance. Your inner glow and focus will be awakened.

Relief from stress & anxiety

Bodymind will be purified from overwhelming emotions and you can break through the past memories, stored pain and old wounds. You will have clear and peacefully still mind.

Feeling instoppable

Kundalini digs out the Samskaras, the psychological imprints and conditionings, that hold you back from living your highest purpose. You will thrive with boosted productivity.

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4 MODULES - 4 WEEKS of Kriya Yoga and Science of Kundalini

✔ High quality video material

✔ Printable Manual

✔ LIFETIME ACCESS to all the materials!

✔ MOBILE APP feature to watch 'on-the-go'!



✔  50h YACEP - Yoga Alliance Continuing Education points for those who are already teachers and wish to bring fresh knowledge into their teachings and self practice. 

✔ Daily Self Practice/ Sadhana and inspiring lectures to deepen your understanding of Yoga to another level!



✔ Private Support Group and Global Sangha to meet Surya and other likeminded practitioners

✔ 5 Day Kundalini Challenge Pre-Course to get familiar with the fundamentals of Kundalini practice

✔ Kriya for Intuition

✔ Meditation for Tattva Balance

✔ Emotional Awareness and Somatic Education to bring mindfulness in everyday living


"Kundalini Yoga doesn't give you just a good workout and spiritually inspiring practice - it gives you a whole new lifestyle!"



Kundalini Yoga is unique in its effectiveness - it changes you quickly! It is a dynamic blend of breath, physical exercises, meditation and mantras to safely stimulate body's natural resources.

The benefits of Kundalini Yoga come from centuries-old yogic tradition. It works organically on your nervous system, glandular system and circulatory system.  When you change the brain chemistry, you gain emotional balance, intuition and radiance. 

Kundalini Yoga transforms you by harnessing your own energy resources and empowers you to the leadership of your own happiness, that is not relying merely on external sources.

Who is it for?

Kundalini Yoga is suitable for absolutely everyone who wants to promote a general sense of well-being from physical health to spiritual evolution. It is for anyone wishing to eliminate negative habits, increase vitality and make more meaningful decisions in life. Kundalini Yoga brings together variety of profound techniques to release the conditioned mental patterns and creates an elevated and peaceful state of mind. It is for those who are ready for a new kind of clarity to move forward in life with ease and joy.


"The practice of Kriya is far more purely blissful than the greatest enjoyment that any of our five senses can ever afford us.

The more one practices Kriya with patience and regularity, the more one feels intensely and durably fixed in Bliss." 

-Paramahansa Yogananda


Each Module will be released independently week by week to progress gradually and get the best benefits!



How to create a healthy Yoga routine that serves you in the highest possible way - assists you to move forward safely and prepares you for the Kundalini activation process. Learn Kundalini Classics and how to start the practice with right intention and right knowledge.
  • History and science of Kundalini: Learn where the practice of Kundalini is coming from and how does it effect our energy bodies.
  • How to tune in with mantras
  • Mulabandha & Breath of Fire
  • Spinal Kriya & Sat Kriya
  • Kirtan Kriya
  • Inner work: Somatic Awareness on the root sensations behind our behaviour. Freedom comes as a feeling of restful spaciousness in the body.



Kundalini Yoga employs a wide range of pranayama, using breath to manage different stages of consciousness. Different breathing affects your system differently, and you can learn to choose a practice that is most beneficial in given stage of mind or emotion.
  • What are the 10 Bodies? Learn the 10 layers of our psyche and how to activate them. When all ten bodies are under your direction, it produces a pure state of consciousness.
  • Meditation for strength and stamina
  • Kriya for awakening the 10 bodies
  • Correct the 5 Tattva's
  • Fists of anger Pranayama
  • Inner work: Emotional Awareness. Opening up to vulnerability helps us to let go of the subconscious suffering by de-armoring ourselves.



Mantra protects the mind by drawing from the transcendental energy and it works as a doorway to higher stages of consciousness. Mantra produces positive mental tracks, removes the impurities of the mind and helps us to transform the shadow towards self awareness as you open up to life on a new level.
  • The Science of Sound and Mantra: Why do we chant and how does it affect our brain?
  • Subagh Kriya
  • Meditation for powerful energy
  • Liberated heart Pranayama
  • Master's touch Meditation
  • Inner work: Kriya for creating the future. Release tension from the body and melt into deep stages of meditation to manifest a future that is in alignment with the higher purpose.



Mind comes with you everywhere you go and it can be faster than time. Mind can often do things that are unintentional or delusional, creating confusions and disconnections. You can learn how to train your mind to reach its evolutional potential and bring awareness, integrity and inner peace to everyday living.
  • 81 Facets of the mind: How the mind is actually functioning in order to create thoughts and how does it affect us?
  • Kriya beyond thought
  • Mahan Gyan Mudra
  • Meditation for calm heart
  • Kundalini Shakti Mudra
  • Inner Work: Silent meditation. The ability to find inner contentment by altering the the brain receptors is one fo the key elements to recover our sense of being into sustainable stage of peace and happiness.
Yes Please, I want to join!

Hi, I'm Surya! 

I guide you forward in the path of Kundalini Activation that expands your aliveness and transforms perspectives towards solid inner peace.

I'm a lead Yoga Teacher Trainer (E-RYT500), Kundalini Yoga Teacher (KRI and Himalayan tradition certified) and Somatic Movement Educator (MA), now living on a small island in Thailand. I've been elevating thousands of students to find connections to the subtle bodies as a compass for higher forms of transformation.

My yearning for Kundalini Awakening and Self- realisation led me to spend years seeking the Truth inside. I immersed myself in silence and solitude in monasteries, seeking guidance from spiritual masters and teachers of Non-Duality. I have dedicated practice in Kriya yoga, Tantra Yoga, traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga and Bhakti Yoga for over a decade. Now, my passion is to bring this ancient science to the modern world. 

It is my deepest call to guide you to restore your body's innate intelligence into a state of liberation! 

5 Myths of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is the foundation for the evolution of human consciousness that is ripening to realise its potential. We all have access to this inner powerhouse, but we only become aware of it, once it gets activated. When practiced in a safe and disciplined manner, Kundalini Yoga can wake up this unmanifested energy. Once Kundalini is active, it can radically reorganise the brain and nervous system, enhance intuition, change the perception of reality and transform the personality. 

Here are 5 common myths of Kundalini Yoga:

"It's dangerous"

Kundalini Yoga is designed  to increase the nervous system capacity and create hormonal balance, so that the body is strong enough to cope with the high voltage of energy.

Kundalini Yoga should always be approached with utmost respect, moving forward gradually. When the body is prepared, the energy can open up safely and become well integrated in the practitioners everyday life. Then it can initiate a natural evolution towards more happy, peaceful and balanced being. 

"It's religious"

Kundalini Yoga is emphasised in Tantric Hinduism, but similar descriptions have been found in Sikhism, Egyptians, Tibetans, Chinese and African cultures. Kundalini is an universal phenomenon for over three thousand years.

All yoga practices has their rituals, that may seem intimidating at first, but they are based on the art and science of the body-mind as a medicine. The purpose is to learn how to self master your internal environment: to directly know the full potential of a human being - aiming to create connections beyond any authorities or dogmas. 

"You need to wear white"

Colours have an affect on the consciousness and white helps you to increase your awareness  and creates more powerful electromagnetic projection. 

How you dress is always a personal choice and adopting white clothes is definitely not required in Kundalini Yoga. I encourage you to wear clothes that feel comfortable and make you feel graceful and connected. This will help you to reflect inward and expand your awareness.

"It's difficult"

Kundalini Yoga is both challenging and meditative in a balanced way. The aim of the practice is to go beyond any concepts that the mind wants to create in terms of 'difficult' or 'easy'. Kundalini is training your mind into an innate state of silence and acceptance. In this state, the practice becomes accessible to all, as we embody an attitude that is rooted in peace and contentment of the mind. 

I encourage you to always practice with acceptance and softness: modify anytime to meet your personal needs, as we are all so unique. Yoga is not about destination, but about staying mindful in the journey.

"Its all about sexual energy"

Kundalini is a small energy whirlpool at the base of the spine. Many forces, like enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity and sexuality manifest from this area. The same energy that activates sexuality is used in Kundalini Yoga to enhance movement of consciousness from primitive tendencies towards higher purpose.

Kundalini can transform primal instincts and compulsive behaviour into the urge of transcendence. When the sexual energy is channelled up, waves of bliss flow throughout the body, opening the blocked energy gateways by releasing nervous tension.


Karen Lumi Tanaka


I haven't met a more luminous, serene and gentle soul, that also has passion, fire and a great sense of humour. I can't praise enough the deep and transformative practice Surya leads us into. Her guidance is firm but sweet, her words powerful and true, her energy strong but peaceful.

Maggie Lorth


Being around Surya is like carrying ten books of wisdom with you. Every session unlocked something deeper within me. If not a sense of bliss or freedom, then it would be tears running from my eyes for appreciation of life. One of the most powerful teachers I have encountered!

Dennie van Diesen


Sometimes you come across a person who knows exactly how to touch you with their wisdom. This has been my experience with Surya.
My challenge as a former soldier is to reprogram the heavily conditioned mind. Through Surya's expertise, authenticity and congruence, I was shown how she really reached me. And it's not a trick -it's real!

Did you know:

Kundalini Yoga is a simple, psychophysiological method to recharge blood with oxygen. The atoms are transmuted into life to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centers to prevent the decay of tissues.

We utilize the energy of the difficult emotions, like anger, frustration or confusion, and transform it to creativy, clarity and inspiration!


Just half a minute of energy spinning around the spinal cord effects progress in evolution. That half-minute of Kriya equals one year of natural spiritual opening!
The current around the spine while practicing Kriya is so intense that it changes your karma.


Kriya Yoga is an instrument through which human evolution can be quickened. You learn to  revitalise the silent areas of your body and brain and feel the immediate elevated state of mind.


Kundalini is a sacred energy, and we should approach it with respect. With attitude of surrendering beoynd the mind, we dive beyond our ordinary existence. Kundalini Yoga is a safe way to prepare the body for Kundalini awakening.

Yoga Practice is a gift that keeps on giving!


  • LIFETIME access to all course material
  • BONUS: Meditation for Tattva Balance
  • BONUS: Kriya for Intuition 
  • Access to '5 Day Kundalini Challenge' pre-course
  • Mobile app feature

"Kundalini is not just about getting naturally high.

Its about directly experiencing who you are beyond the 'high', -beyond the mind. "

-Surya Shivjot

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