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Hi, I'm Surya!

I'm passionate to share the healing path of yoga that integrates the subconscious tendencies and trauma into a lasting state of peace. I use practices such as Yoga, Kundalini Activation, Meditation and Self-enquiry, that changes the chemistry of the cellular memory and restores body's innate intelligence. My mission is to transform your old habits towards unshakable inner balance. To move from stagnancy into happiness, vitality and freedom.

For over a decade, I have been leading retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings around Europe and Asia, educating and elevating thousands of students to initiate awareness-based system change. 

I share tools that removes the internal obstacles and opens up the universal parts of your unique self. You will learn in depth techniques to purify toxins, build up vitality, strengthen the nervous system and redirect the inner energies. 

 This journey is not just about elevation, it's about finding a solid ground. Reclaiming the integrated and sincerely real You.


Kundalini Alchemy - Certified Online Program into the depths of Kundalini Yoga

Unlock your luminous nature by committing to the Yogic lifestyle and activating your own internal energy resources. 

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Kundalini Yoga Online Sanga

Meet Surya and join the Global Sangha in weekly Zoom classes. Create a sustainable Kundalini Yoga Practice at home!

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Become a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Surya has been leading Yoga Teacher Trainings in Asia and Europe for over 7 years, educating hundreds of certified Yoga Teachers. 

These trainings take you into an intensive retreat to realise the yoga - the union within.

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Dennie van Diesen

Sometimes you come across a person who knows exactly how to touch you with their wisdom. This has been my experience with Surya.
My challenge as a former soldier is to reprogram the heavily conditioned mind. Through Surya's expertise, authenticity and congruence, I was shown how she really reached me. And it's not a trick -it's real!

Maggie Lorth

Being around Surya is like carrying ten books of wisdom with you. Every session unlocked something deeper within me. If not a sense of bliss or freedom, then it would be tears running from my eyes for appreciation of life. One of the most powerful teachers I have ever encountered!

Annie Arcuri

Training with Surya brought me into the core of Yoga. She has in depth knowledge of both the yogic philosophy and the physical practice, but what impacted me most, was her sheer presence that opened my eyes to new realities. I appreciated the traditional perspective that challenges the western view of yoga.



5 Myths of Kundalini Yoga

Demystifying the common misunderstandings of the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga. 

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5 myths of Kundalini Yoga

Nov 12, 2021

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