5 myths of Kundalini Yoga

Nov 12, 2021

Demystifying the common misunderstandings of the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga.  

Kundalini is the foundation for the evolution of human consciousness that is ripening to realise its potential. Awakening kundalini requires purity of the body, purity of the energy channels and purity of the mind, in order to clear the mental conditionings. We all have access to this inner powerhouse, but we only become aware of it, once it gets activated.

When practiced in a safe and disciplined manner, Kundalini Yoga can wake up this unmanifested energy and heal you beyond the limitations of the existence. Once Kundalini is active, it can radically reorganise the brain and nervous system, enhance intuition, change the perception of reality and transform the personality. Kundalini takes you back into your naturally interconnected stage of bliss and peace.

Here are listed 5 common myths of Kundalini Yoga:

1. It's dangerous

Kundalini yoga is one of the most potent forms of yoga, but if improperly handled, the effect of kundalini awakening can sometimes be negative.  When the nervous system and the mental state of the practitioner is not prepared for the intense force, it can bring up raw energy and emotion.

Kundalini Yoga is designed exactly for this - to increase the nervous system capacity and create hormonal balance, so that the body is strong and open enough to cope with the high voltage of  energy. When Kundalini Yoga is practiced in a right guidance and discipline, the effects will be supportive for general wellbeing and evolution of the consciousness. 

Kundalini Yoga should always be approached with utmost respect, moving forward gradually. This way the energy can open up safely and become well integrated in the practitioners everyday life. This has the potential to initiate a natural evolution towards more happy, peaceful and balanced being.

  2. It's religious

Kundalini Yoga is primarily emphasised in Tantric Hinduism, but similar descriptions have been found in teachings of Sikhism, Egyptians, Tibetans, Chinese and African cultures. Kundalini, called by various names in different traditions, seems to be an universal phenomenon for over three thousand years.

All yoga practices has their rituals, that may seem intimidating at first, but they are eventually based on the art and science of the body-mind as a medicine. Religion often offers dogmatic rules and rigid beliefs, but yoga teaches us the teacher being within, and turns the external intention to internal process of waking up your very own energy resources. It is about self mastering your internal environment - the science of the self-development.

The purpose of the yogic practices is to directly know the full potential of a human being - aiming to create connections beyond any authorities or dogmas. 

3. You need to wear white

Wearing white clothing helps you to deepen your practice by increasing your awareness and creating more powerful projection, but it's every practitioners personal choice, if they wish to follow this principle.

Colours have an affect on the consciousness and white as a prism is a balance of all colours. By wearing white all the colours are available to support your awareness and the balancing of the energy centres.

Wearing white also strengthens your electromagnetic field that works like a shield - filtering out negativities that are not beneficial for you. This helps to keep the uplifting energy circulating within you and expands it to everyone around you.

How you dress is always a personal choice and adopting white clothes as a part of your personal practice is definitely not required in Kundalini Yoga. I encourage you to wear clothes that feel comfortable and make you feel graceful and connected. This will help you to reflect inward and expand your awareness.

 4. It's difficult

Kundalini yoga is both challenging and meditative in a balanced way. The strong emphasis on breathing creates subtle changes in the energy body and the resilience practices create willpower and a strong nervous system capacity.

The aim of the practice is about going beyond any concepts what the mind creates in terms of ‘difficult’ or ‘easy’. Much of the Kundalini practice is to train the mind into an innate state of silence and acceptance. In this state, the practice becomes accessible to all. As recommended it is to explore ones edge of capacity and endurance, it is to find modifications that suit everyone’s individual needs.

Facing the challenges of the yoga practice with gentle and soft attitude, helps us to face the challenges of real life with ease and effortlessness. Reality brings ups and downs, and so does our yoga practice. Some days, it is easy and comforting - other days, challenging and difficult. When we train our response mechanism and become aware of the mind that is seeking pleasure and the mind that is avoiding discomfort, we eventually learn an accepting attitude to live our lives with peace and contentment. 

 5. Its all about sexual energy

Kundalini is a small energy whirlpool at the base of the spine. Many forces, like enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity and sexuality manifest from this area. The same energy that activates sexuality is used in Kundalini Yoga to enhance movement of consciousness from primitive tendencies towards higher purpose.

This means, that the sexual energy is channeled up the spine, aiding the ascension of kundalini. When the sexual energy is rising up, waves of bliss flow throughout the body, opening the blocked energy gateways by releasing nervous tension.

For thousands of years, yogis have been encouraged to use their energy for higher purposes other than for external desires. Kundalini can transform primal instincts and compulsive behaviour into the urge of transcendence.

While Kundalini is rooted in the sex glands, it is said to be the Earth’s vital force - the divine feminine energy. Kundalini is our inner fire that makes us alive and connected. Eventually, committed practice will aid in the health of the central nervous system and the potency of all of the creative energies to get activated in a stable, joyful and integrated way.


When Kundalini Yoga is practiced with the right guidance, preparation and attitude, it can cultivate increased amounts of space and joy inside the body. Sustainable practice is always the key to wake up the silent areas of your subconscious.

When the creative energy rises from individual consciousness towards universal consciousness, the difficulties in life ease up. Emotions, thoughts, primitive habits and negative beliefs are absorbed into more universal energy. In this pure state we can demystify the inner energetic architecture and learn to live more harmoniously connected to all forms of life.  

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