What is Somatic Movement? 

Somatic Movement Education is an innovative and holistic approach to movement re-education. 
It connects body sciences, psychology and movement to better understand the body-mind connection and move toward greater integration.

Somatic Movement creates well-being by dynamic, embodied presence and regains awareness and sensation, allowing the brain to remember how to relax and move the muscles properly.

Movers learn to organize their attention and receive feedback from their physical sensations in movement, rather than relying primarily on visual perception of external form. It brings awareness to consciously re-pattern movement habits and investigate creative resources. This begins a process of self-inquiry that empowers us towards sustainable self-care.

Somatic Movement explores the relationship to the inner support and movement of breath, organs, skeleton and fluids. By learning how to open and balance movement, muscles, breathing and posture you can delvelop a physical and mental state of relaxation, alertness, effective action and compassion. This state of body-mind integrity is the key to handling any of life's challenges effectively. 

Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement was originated by pioneer Dance Therapist Mary Whitehouse, who integrated Jung's concept of active imagination with dance movement improvisation.

Authentic Movement is natural, self-directed movement that is often done with the eyes closed with attention directed inward. Movers explore spontaneous movements and gestures, following the impulses from within and listening the body's needs in the moment. The unconscious often becomes more available for reflection, revealing the inner worlds through images, sounds, gestures or emotions. 

Mover waits for the impulse to be moved in response to bodily sensations, memories, images, thoughts or emotions. Movement is 'found' within the body and the mover is liberated from any expectations, intellectualisations or conscious decision-making.

Movement becomes authentic when the mover allows the intuitive impulses to freely express themselves.  It's a meaningful play and can be full of fun and joy but it can also awaken deep emotional responses and intense feelings.

Authentic Movement is a powerful descent into the psyche and it allows individuals to develop the skills for self knowledge through bodily-knowing. It often brings the unconscious into conscious. It connects with creative process, opening up to new ideas.